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I applied for a car loan and was approved. I don't have good credit and was given an interest rate of 14.85% on the approved amount of $23,700 over a period of 72 months. When I logged into my account to view what documentation needed to be uploaded, my account reflected the approved borrow amount ($23,700) at $502/month for 72 months. In the end I would've paid approximately $13,000 in... Read more

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We had a truck financed through CF. I made some errors and the truck was repoed. I called the very next day to catch the car payments up and pay the repo fees. Seems they accelerated the payments and would only return the car if we paid off the entire balance. What jerks. Rude employes and not willing to help at ALL. They also said I never called to discuss payment arrangements. They are... Read more

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These dum *** have the worse website ever. You can only upload one document PERIOD! Which if you are like me and u have to show three months worth of the same payment you will need to upload three or more pages. I also have a second form of income which for some reason is still being reviewed right now like they have a finger up there *** and they dont do jack *** all day. Im really pissed... Read more

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I've noticed that from each of the monthly $308.88 payments only about $100 are being decucted from the principal (total balance). Has this happened to anyone else? Add comment

Pre-screening is literally only based on the score itself, not the contents of your credit report. They can't look at the details without your permission. For instance, I have a 590, which would technically make me eligible, but if they look at my report and see that I still owe a bunch of people money and haven't paid, they're going to deny me. On the other hand, if they see I have a 590 and I... Read more

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got a letter that said I been pre selected to apply for refinance. According to information obtained from my credit report. I put in a application only because they said in the letter that they checked my credit. I was told that I would receive a e mail regarding my application. Never did receive one. Finally I called and told I was declined. If there was any problem with my credit they would... Read more

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You do realize you're dealing with a company that specializes in financing automobiles to people with less than perfect credit, right? You really can't expect to get the red carpet treatment when you do not deserve the red carpet treatment. If you had a 750+ credit score then you wouldn't need CarFinance, now would you? As for the late payment and any verbal agreements you had made with the... Read more

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They are skirting around things and do just enough to get away with things. Trying to navigate their website is ridiculous. If you want to have money taken out of your account it's through Western Union. I am on Credit Karma and they were a suggested vendor to refinance at a lower rate. I had my loan for a year with them and applied to refinance at a lower rate. Man, they shut that down in... Read more

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I called them asking them for seven more days on my loan because of a check issue with my job they said ok and that it was fine after never being late or missing a payment they still TRYED to come repo my car the day before I could pay them but they didn't know I was in the car because of the tent I pulled off on the repo man then they call me and ask why I do it so I told them why the man got... Read more

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To make a long story short, I am a cancer patient and back in July I spoke with a agent and explained to her my condition she stated to me that I could apply for a deferred payment if I just pay the late fees so I did. So I was thinking that since she had told me that I had the deferred payment I thought it was all done and my payment wasn't due until Sept 15. So on August 17 I received a call... Read more

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