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My husband lost his job so I asked for 30 days to pay my account in full. I told them I was living in my vehicle with my kids. They do not care. The representative placed me on hold then returned to the line laughing hysterically and having a personal conversation about her personal life. Then she hung up on me. When I called back I got a different rep who told me to take my things and children... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 repossessed my car when I was never late on payment and never missed payment now I have to go through all this work at pay extra now because they made the mistake and not willing to work with me so I am going to pay the whatever bs they are saying then take them to court and reporting them to the secretary of the state in Illinois for poor practices

my family hit hard times and I lost my job, my husband disabled filed bankruptcy, but when I was making more than enough money to pay for a chapter 13. I lost my job and therefore had to dismiss the bankruptcy, carfinance was right there with their hands out saying I owed them 3000 by the end of the week. I couldnt pay it. so they exclaimed I could give the car back and they will sell it for as... Read more

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Horrible customer service, for one !! I have been a customer of theirs for a year and a half, never late on any of my payments. I am in between jobs right now and asked for a deferred payment for the last 2 months and have been denied both times. These people have no compassion nor do any of the ones I've spoken to have any customer service skills at all. I would rather take the bus than have... Read more

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I received a letter stating I was approved to refinance my car for a lower interest rate and lower payment. I have sub-par credit, and had to finance for a high interest rate a year ago. After making all my payments on time, never missed a payment (with another company) I received information from CarFinance. They ask for the activation code, told me I was approved to refinance for 54 months... Read more

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ok wow its crazy to show I was not the only person who had problems with them. They have very bad customer service. Really bad communication. I called to change me due date for about 7 days later. About one week later they approved it. Every since it has been a nightmare. I get calls saying I am two months late, it's going on my credit. They hung up on me, tell me rude things. And say I am the... Read more

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I received an offer through the mail to refinance my vehicle. It referred me to a web site that had me fill out information the company already had. I did this, and within one hour, received an approval. The approval e mail stated "Don't forget to ask one of our specialists about GAP coverage for your loan." I did and was told they don't offer it in Texas. Why do they offer this service where... Read more

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This company was horrible to work with. I financed my vehicle for 6 months through this company before paying it off which was around $12,000. I was sure to send this check as certified so i would know when the payment was recieved. after recieving confirmation from USPS that check was recieved, i called to verify this information with CarFinance, this is when they tell me that No, a check was... Read more

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They want you to apply online for an auto loan refinance based on a "pre-approved" letter. When you respond online with your information, they send you a package to fax them mostly the same information that you just gave them online. Most of all they want you to sign an assignment so they can pay off your old loan and replace it with theirs. One little problem, they don't give you any loan... Read more

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First Off I'd like to warn potential refinancer's, doesn't allow for etf (credit/debit card) payments! You can pay over the phone with a check but you have to pay a fee! This in turn requires you to pay with a check or through online billing. After having an issue/multiple phone calls and fax's for a LOST PAYMENT ON THEIR END, the vehicle we had refinanced through... Read more

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